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The Smoked Garlic Shop works with several chefs to develop delicious recipes using the Barbismoked Garlic purveyed by The Smoked Garlic Shop.

From spicy pungent flavours to subtle tantalizing infusions – the Barbismoked™ range of Garlic can be married to a breathtaking variety of cuisine types.

To give our customers ideas on how to use their Gourmet Garlic selection – we will feature your recipe and restaurant business on our Chefs/Restaurant/Eateries Directory.


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We work with a number of chefs/cooks and restaurateurs who use delicious Barbismoked Garlic Bulbs and related products

If you are a professional Cook or Chef and looking to infuse Barbismoked Garlic Bulbs into your favourite recipes. Write to us and let us know the ideas you may have

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