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Caribbean recipes SmokedGarlic™ Smoky Orange Chilli Coconut x 3 bulbs

Orange Chilli Coconut – SmokedGarlic™ A burst of Fusion flavours with subtle smokiness using the Barbismoked™ method Barbismoked™ Garlic Recipe Recommendations Adds citrusy notes chopped

Oriental Recipes SmokedGarlic™ - Smoky Five Spice bulbs x 3 bulbs

Chinese Five Spice SmokedGarlic™ – warm notes of fennel and star anise flavours using the Barbismoked™ process Barbismoked™ Garlic Recipe Recommendations: Not only for Chinese stir fries

Brazilian Style Recipes - Party Special - Celebration Hamper - 75 bulbs

Brazilian Recipes – Party Special – Celebration Hamper contains 75 fabulous Barbismoked™ Gourmet SmokedGarlic™ bulbs consisting of at least five* different flavours for the discernin

Middle Eastern Inspired Recipes SmokedGarlic™ - 15 bulbs Git Box

Middle Eastern Recipes – Christmas Gift Box – contains 15 fabulous Barbismoked™ Gourmet SmokedGarlic™ bulbs consisting of at least three different flavours for the discerning cook wh

English Farmhouse Recipes SmokedGarlic™ - Smoky Rosemary Herb x 3 bulbs

Rosemary SmokedGarlic™ – lovingly flavoured using the unique Barbismoked™ Technique Barbismoked™  Garlic Recipe Recommendations Perfect with any lamb dishes Pies & Quiches Pasta Di

Indian Food SmokedGarlic™ - Smoky Cumin Spiced Bulbs x 3 bulbs

Cumin Rubbed SmokedGarlic™ – warm aromatic smokey flavour using the Barbismoked™  method Barbismoked™  Garlic Recipe Recommendations: Use to give a spicy warm flavour to traditional fa

Eastern Food SmokedGarlic™ - Za'atar Spice With Lemon - 3 bulbs

Za’atar Spice With Lemon SmokedGarlic™   –   Middle Eastern spice mixture Za’atar seasoning is fragrant and tangy with just a hint of nuttiness – and when combined with

Greek Food Flavours SmokedGarlic™ - Mustard Seed Cumin & Mint x 3 bulbs

Mustard Seed, Cumin & Mint SmokedGarlic™ – A fresh piquant combination of crushed whole mustard seeds, fragrant cumin with an added flourish of fresh torn mint leaves fused gently togeth