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Smoky Tamarind and Cane Sugar -SmokedGarlic™ x 3 bulbs

Tamarind and Cane Sugar SmokedGarlic™  – A sumptuous exotic sweet and sour blend giving a delicious zing to your tastebuds, fused together using the Barbismoked™ method. Barbismoked™ G

Maple Syrup Clementine and Black Pepper - SmokedGarlic™

Maple Syrup Clementine and Black Pepper SmokedGarlic™ – A delicious blend of sweet citrusy flavours with a surprise peppery note – made with love using the Barbismoked™ method. Barb

Smoky Rosemary and Thyme - SmokedGarlic™

Rosemary and Thyme SmokedGarlic™ – Classic and very versatile combination that everyone knows and loves – the two flavours compliment each other perfectly and are subtly fused using the

Coconut and Ginger - SmokedGarlic™

Coconut and Ginger SmokedGarlic™ –  Sweet and rounded flavours with subtle smokiness using the Barbismoked™ method Barbismoked™ Garlic Recipe Recommendations: – Adds sweet aromatic

Toasted Sesame Oil SmokedGarlic™ Cloves With Spices

Toasted Sesame Oil SmokedGarlic™ Cloves With Spices  – toasted flavours combined in the Barbismoked™ way to make your taste buds sing – 3 x 100g packs: 1 x salt & black pepper 1

Cold Smoked Garlic - 10 Golden Smoky Bulbs by Barbismoked™

Cold SmokedGarlic™ – Smoked to perfection for a wonderful aroma, golden colour and subtle flavour using the  Barbismoked™ method  Barbismoked™  Garlic Recipe Recommendations: pasta,

Basil and Black Peppercorn SmokedGarlic™

Basil and Black Peppercorn SmokedGarlic™ – aromatic and peppery – subtle flavoured smoked garlic using the Barbismoked™ method Barbismoked™ Garlic Recipe Recommendations: Use in

Smoky Toasted Sesame Seed and Lemon Grass SmokedGarlic™ x 3 bulbs

Toasted Sesame and Lemon Grass SmokedGarlic™ – cooked using the unique  Barbismoked™ technique.  Barbismoked™ Garlic Recipe Recommendations Great for Asian Cuisine use in stir fries excell

Cold SmokedGarlic™ by Barbismoked™ - 10 bulbs

Cold SmokedGarlic™ – Smoked to a perfect golden colour for a wonderful aroma and subtle flavour using the  Barbismoked™ method  Barbismoked™  Garlic Recipe Recommendations: pasta, ri

Paprika Spiced SmokedGarlic™ x 3 bulbs

Paprika SmokedGarlic™ – sumptuously prepared using the Barbismoked™ cooking technique Barbismoked™ Garlic Recipe Recommendations Use Paprika Smoked Garlic in any dish that calls for a pe

Smoky Piri Piri SmokedGarlic™ - 3 bulbs

Piri Piri SmokedGarlic™ – lovingly cooked using the Barbismoked™ process – to ensure a subtle and distinct aroma – whilst protecting the original garlic pungency Barbismoked™

Rosemary SmokedGarlic™

Rosemary SmokedGarlic™ – lovingly flavoured using the unique Barbismoked™ Technique Barbismoked™  Garlic Recipe Recommendations Perfect with any lamb dishes Pies & Quiches Pasta Di